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Vanguard 16hp governor spring assistance please


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Tore down the Briggs Vanguard 16hp 350777-1166E1 built 1999 590D573B-1F4A-43E0-91B8-9CF01FF547FD.thumb.jpeg.e6bab442fe2c5d1c7b81b0a405ec695b.jpeg

from my Conquest to clean cylinder fins, replace sump gasket and oil seal, and set the valves. Well, that’s been 3-4 was ago now but it’s moved to the top of my list. Didn’t take pictures so I forget where each governor spring is attached. I’ve got a repair manual and I think this is correct but the trick is: 09779EEA-CE92-4CB8-8DF9-9A58EE24FA23.thumb.jpeg.e984806b07f84e5a31e05aa901d09f3c.jpeg

the spring on the left is larger diameter so stronger I suppose than the smaller wound spring on the right.

Q-1. Are the correct springs connected in the correct places? 
Q-2. If not please explain (and a picture would sure help my simple mind too). Thank you, gw

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23 hours ago, Chris727 said:

They are backwards compared to how my Landlord DLX is setup. Difficult to get a good shot of it. 

I thought that might be the case. If there's a 50/50 shot I seem to get the wrong 50 >:( Thanks @Chris727

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Paul M.Murphy

You guys certainly have a lot of knowledge ! I'm amazed how much you can do to your machinery.

I basically know where to put the fuel and oil in.

Keep up the good work.


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