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Deck find for Landlord DLX

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I decided to take a breather from trying to mount tires and went browsing on Craigslist, and found a guy out near Thurmont MD selling a 50 inch deck for the Landlord/Landlord DLX series. The deck on mine has some problems, mostly with the height adjust screw and worn out and a bent roller assembly, so it was worth getting it just for spares. The deck was rusty (as is mine) but the rollers, height adjust assembly, Gator Blades, and spindles were all in good shape. The only concern he had was the lift handle, which needed a little welding.


Here is the bracket and blades, I wonder how that handle got broken?


Here are the rest of the deck parts, minus the spindles. It even has a belt cover and a discharge deflector.


Unfortunately, I found a rust hole near the main brace, but the weld is sound and there seems to be enough metal there, but I can't let it get much worse


With wire wheel and chipping hammer, I got most of the rust removed from the underside of the deck. I found a couple more pinholes, and an area behind the discharge chute that rusted through. It is in an area where grass tends to accumulate, but isn't very critical structurally. 


I got most of the loose rust removed from the top of the deck, I will go over it again in the morning and see if there are any other spots I missed before putting on rust converter or rusty metal primer.

Is this deck shell even worth fooling with?






deck shell.jpg

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