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Command Starter Relay Kit


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In an earlier post I mentioned on both of my late model re -powered Sovereigns with Commands, I would get a delayed start after turning the key. I was informed the Command starters are touchy to small voltage drops in the safety circuit wiring to the starter solenoid. I had this issue on my Legacy XL and installed the Simplicity Starter Relay Kit, P/N 1686945. I purchased two kits, they came in the mail today and I was able to install one. The kit is plug and play. I am happy to report there is now a nice crisp start upon turning the key.


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Ouch!  PN 1686945 is kinda salty.  I think BLT had a post on using a common automotive relay to solve that problem.  Might not be plug & play but easier on the pocketbook.  I use those relays frequently on garden tractor projects.

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Here are the necessary pieces:



Bosch/DIN style 5 pin automotive relay.



Has a circuit diagram on top (and pigtail sockets are available).  NB:sm03 I don't really believe they will handle 30A+ continuously.



Automotive relay tester and an On/Off dummy relay.


If you are an electrical whiz you will see that the relay has Normally Open (NO - 87) and Normally Closed (NC - 87a) pins.  Correctly wired it can be actuated either by grounding a pin (85/86) or by applying 12 VDC to a pin (86/85).

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