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Bought an Allis-Chalmers B-10 (What Year is it? Can I Purchase New Headlights?)

Guest Cactus_Jack

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Guest Cactus_Jack

I recently purchased a Allis-Chalmers B-10, but I am unsure what year it is.

Found the serial number plate.  Is there a reference chart to pinpoint the production date?

Also, I am looking for headlights.  Does someone produce reproductions?  If not, does anyone have some for sale?

I would prefer the lights that mount like the one in the black and white photo.

Thank you



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That would be a 1965. 
As far as the head lights go good luck. You can check the engine serial numbers for the year. 

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According to your tag its a 1966 Allis Chalmers Big Ten. Cant really date by the tractor serial number as there is no reference info available pertaining to the tractor serial numbers. 

If the engine in it is the original engine, you can get close to the date of manufacture by using the code number off the engine. By close, I mean within a month or so. Depends on how much time it took Briggs to ship the engine to Allis, and how long before it went out onto the line and into the tractor. One of my Big Tens is Serial number 046505 ( or something like that.)  Bought it from the estate of the guy that bought it new from the dealer and have dated paperwork to go with it. Engine was made in late June 1966. I figure best guess the tractor was likely assembled in July sometime.

You serial number is earlier than mine, but probably still in 1966.  Having gone through alot of old literature and dates on that literature, seems like New Models generally start late in  the year, ie August September October or there about... So the Big Ten tractors could be 1965 or 1966, with the bulk of the production being in 1966. 


As to the lights, I think someone in here used to make the crossbars that the lights sit on, but havnt seen them offered for a long time(years). Long enough I cant remember who it was even. 

 The light pods themselves are close to  the same as the rear lights used on these garden tractors from the 60's, 70's, and 80's.  So its likely some could be found for sale eventually with enough hunting. Some of the farm tractor fender mount work lights are close, but usually are oversized compared to the originals. Others in here might have some suggestions for reasonable aftermarket equivalents.

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