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Rear lift identification? Pic


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So can anyone tell me if this is correct for a Sunstar. Also searching for rear pto part numbers. A gentleman from a fb group told me he thought it was 1691158 for the kit but wasn’t sure and might have had it mixed up with something else


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Either  the one for ConQuest/ Prestige,  or the one for Landlord - Landlord DLX . Dont know if the LAndlord one upfit top the ConQuest /Prestige tractors of not.Looks just like the ones I have for my Prestiges. 

Prestige tiller lift parts - Talking Tractors - Simple trACtors

Getting real hard to find the prestige setup as they are NLA. In fact none of the rear attachement lift kit , or its parts are available to order the last I checked.   Limited to what dealers have on the shelves. Same with the upfit kits to convert a soveriegn tiller over to the ConQuest Prestige. Worse yet, the lower hitch,  adjustable lift arm and cam are even harder to find.. Then you have to have reinforcement plate that goes behind the frame behind the lower hitch. Usually you cant find that unless its in a kit with everything.

The ConQuest Prestige kits only fit ConQuest Prestiges up to the design change in something like 08 ?? Whenever they added the spring shocks to the rear and changed the seat design.


 Here is a picture off the net of the Sunstar one. the tube is offset to the left  to clear the engine speed PTO to run a tiller.


As you can see, it is alot narrower than what you have above so it can bolt in between the narrower Sunstar frame members.

# 1691158 does not come up as a good number on the Simplicity manuals site.

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7 hours ago, SmilinSam said:


# 1691158 does not come up as a good number on the Simplicity manuals site.

Pics!! Looks like a rear pto to me. Based on what I can make out of instructions it's missing the reductio. Chain.










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Obviously a good number, just does not work on the Simplicity  website  manuals download. Not for me anyhow...

Manuals | Simplicity (simplicitymfg.com)

Its On Ebay..

Genuine Simplicity garden tractor NOS 1691158 Electric Clutch | eBay

Pretty sure that is not for a Sunstar. If the snowblower sticker in the one picture is from that,  I have to wonder if its somehow for  one of the diesel compact tractors like a 9518 ???

Looks like a belt drive setup on one side and a chain coupler type  on the other(ie below).


Looks like splines on the inside of the loose coupler too.

A real mystery....



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Yes I didn't see a snowblower in the pic but I did see the gears which looked like they where spline drive like the rear output PTO. Was hoping it was a new 540 pto for a Sunstar. I'd be willing to buy it for that price new.

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