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So I did another thing!


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Sorry been absent, been  a little busy getting ready for new job. First day was today. I'd say I have a job with a great company.

So I was looking for new trailer and asked a rental place if they new anyone. They sent me to an auction place.  

So here is the spoils. So I swear it's not a slippery slope... I swear I just want a small lathe and I'm done! 😁

Oh and I stumbled on a deck drive  Simplicity leaf vac. Actually at least 2. 

1.  is left hand for a 42" or 48" deck.

2. Is a right hand and I believe for a 60" Legacy.

3rd. Is unknown but was listed as a grasshopper kit with 2 unknown items.

Since I was there for a trailer I took a full walk around and found a small band saw and decided I'd look at the grass catcher stuff I seen listed on line and found They where Simplicity stuff at least 2 of the 3.

Paid more then I wanted to for the Band saw not gonna lie. Bout 125. Over fb market value but when I consider gas and drive time I decided it was worth it. 




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That saw looks like mine. 
A friend of ours was the manager of a business that built pre-fab apartment buildings. The walls were made here in Grand Island and shipped all over the country to be put together. One day he shows up at work and is told the place is shut down. And since he was the manager, his job was to dispose of the equipment.
(HINT: NEVER piss off a guy and then put him in charge of shut-down!)
He called a friend of mine and me up, told us to come in and peruse what was there.
As a result, I got:
A Craftsman bench drill press ($35) and a bandsaw ($15)
A Dewalt battery powered drill and circular saw (with worn-out batteries) for $25 each.
A Stihl 009 bucket saw that they could not get to run: FREE (got it running in no time; those things were worth $800!)
A Toro 5/22 snowblower that they could not get to run: FREE (got it running in no time!) 
But wait, there's more! 
They had a LOT of 1" angle iron. Tony and I were negotiating a fair price (scrap price) when he found another guy was going to give it away! Tony stopped that and I got half, again for FREE!
900 FEET of it!
Weird, it was painted grey. Did some searching, and it is a high-grade iron of some sort, not your average cold-rolled.
Still have a lot of that iron.
So every once in a while I get lucky!!

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