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9/16” bore v-belt pulley

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Good afternoon, friends,

I have been trying to find two replacement tiller drive pulleys for my two Simplicity tillers.

These pulleys are obsolete, and I cannot find replacements anywhere, due to the shaft bore being 9/16”. 

The pulley size I need is 6.5” diameter, 5/8” wide (B belt size), with keyed 9/16” bore. 

This pulley has Simplicity part # 105191. 

Can anyone suggest how they have solved this problem?


All the best, Tamur


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I am not aware standard pulleys come with a 9/16" bore. A Browning BK67H sheave is 6.45" OD with split taper bushing "H-9/16" I would think would work.

Tiller Pulley 001.jpg

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So the output shaft is 9/16 outside diameter which would mean you need a pulley with a 5/8 bore, is my understanding correct?

If that is the case you could try this one;


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Thanks, Bill: I will look into this, will search for Browning online, and will try to understand how these sheaves and bushings work. 

Hi, Chris: No, it is actually the pulley bore that is 9/16". This is the problem. Very few pulleys, except apparently on some electric motors, are now 9/16". 

I have heard one can have a 1/2" pulley bored and keyed.

There is also a collar that can apparently be gotten in 9/16", to be welded onto a pulley which fits the collar. This appears similar to the outfit Bill forwarded, above. 

I am looking into this further. 

Thank you all!

Best, Tamur

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