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Voltage regulator for 12v S/G


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In the past there were discussions about what regulator will work with the S/G, but was not able to find anything.   After extensive testing I believe my voltage regulator is bad.   What regulators will work with the Starter Generator?

Mine currently has 3 posts (Arm, Field, Bat).

When I ground the Field I do get a quick flash of 20amps for just a second or two.   I checked another tractor that I know charges and I get the same thing (just a flash when I ground out the "F" terminal).  But following the book I do not get any amperage.

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One of the Simplicity delco numbers was 1119310E.  

I believe Cub Cadet voltage regulators would also work since the S/G is the same.

See this recent post for some other suggestions:


Another post referenced the Delco 1118988 regulator.  



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I have been looking for a voltage regulator for my '64 Landlord. One of the terminals rusted off. No fixing that. Following the links above lead me to regs that cost from $23 for the square or cube type to $90 for the original rectangle one or to an error page.. Finally stumbled across OEG Parts which has an actual listing for '64 to '67 Landlord and only cost $25. So I ordered one to get my worker back up and running. If all goes well, I will order a couple more in a week or two as spares; I have 5 other A-C's that use the same one. The B-1 apparently is different.

  The ebay listing is; OEG Parts FTD80/FTD100 60-61 1119165 1119257.

  There are also some in the $60 range I found under the search for ; simplicity, 1119310

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the OEG regulator arrived last week and i hurried to the landlord to install it. not happening! the bolts that held the original on are a silly millimeter too big to go thru the steel bushing inside the rubber insulators.  i think they are 1/4-20.

  got to the hardware store 15 minutes after they closed. sunday morning i was the second customer in the store and bought 3  6mm 1.0 x 20mm bolts. unit mounted up without having to drill out any holes. the terminals are not in the same order as the obsolete B&S book shows; the Batt terminal is on the outside, not in the middle.

  hooked it all up and tried it. did the screwdriver in the plug wire to see if i had spark. real bright spark! fired for about 4 seconds and died. no more spark

   seems like my point plunger is not moving. damn! could be 2 weeks before i have time to get back to working on it

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