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7116 backfiring new carb

Jim J

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I put a new carb on my briggs 7116, it idles great but backfires as im using it often. Not sure what to adjust, I thought I had the high speed jet adjusted but now not sure what is going on.  Now thinking it may be governor related any thoughts ?  

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 If the issue was fuel related, I'd expect that you'd have other problems like glowing exhaust and problems getting it to rev. I'd be more inclined to suspect a faulty spark plug and replace it with the factory recommended replacement. IE no "R" (resistor) unless called for.

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On 5/2/2021 at 8:03 AM, Jim J said:

I am not sure how to set the timing, could be my issue. 

The short answer is that you can't set the timing. It is what it is. The only way that timing can change is if the flywheel key is sheared letting the flywheel rotate in relation to the crankshaft.


It ain't the governor.


Maybe you are experiencing a lean mixture "pop", but as Tarheel pointed out, there should be other observable symptoms.


Weak spark causes lots of problems.



Here you will find an  upload and earlier comments on a similar problem. To set the carb correctly, you have to start on the high speed circuit and then move to idle circuit.

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