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Setting up the spike harrow

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I was out "Playing in the Dirt" (see that post for more) and decided to try the spike harrow to prep for seeding. Only the first row of teeth engaged the ground, so I knew that I needed to adjust things. Easy, right? Nope! While it looks like the iron is just bolted together, it isn't that simple. If you look closely at the top bolt in the bottom right of the pic, you can see that it threads into the flat bar. I did that just to show you that this thing isn't assembled in the way you think. That bolt, like all the others, threads into that bar from the outboard side. Look at the left side to compare them. So the bolt goes through the adjustment arm (bar with the long slot), the vertical arm welded to the row of teeth, then threads into the flat horizontal bar. The nuts on the inboard ends of the bolts are nothing more than jam nuts, so even if you loosen or remove them entirely, that bolt is still locked down tight to the bar and you'll never get anything to move.... Yes, I found that out the hard way and after a lot of "Why won't this thing come loose?"

You have to loosen up or remove all 6 jam nuts per side, then loosen all the bolts enough to allow the parts to move freely.


The front adjustment is for the angle of the vertical arms that the draw bar attaches to. The rear adjustment sets the angle of the teeth relative to the vertical. By having them angled like this, they tend to lay flatter so they all engage the ground and also skip over rocks more readily instead of bending the teeth.


I used a piece of chain to hold it up for transport. Not as handy as a rear lift but it works.

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Good to know about the bolts. I got one of these several years ago but still haven't gotten around to trying it out. Several of the tines are bent and its pretty rusty. 

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