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Sweepster Hood (C-48?)


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Good morning, friends, 

I recently acquired a Sweepster from a fellow club-member, which is missing the hood. 

I believe this is a Sweepster Model # C-48. 

I would appreciate a User Manual and Parts List, if anyone has one. 

I would also appreciate measurements anyone has for the metal hood which this unit once had, so I can have one made.

Thank you!

Best, Tamur

Sweepster 2 of 2.jpg

Sweepster 1 of 2.jpg

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Thanks, folks! 

Yes, the barn is a work in progress. My grandfather had cattle in it before I was born, and it's otherwise solid. It was literally caving in last year. I'm planning to make a geodesic dome over the old silo base, then I can finish the porch roof. 

And yes, steel drum would be the idea for the Sweepster hood, but I wanted to shape it like the original, so need the measurements to model.

All the best.

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Josh Thornton or Michael Wells had a hood made I believe out of metal at one time. Perhaps they can chime in.

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I had a Sweepster long ago, it had a yellow plastic hood as I recall. I had bought a set of red/white/blue brushes for it but they went with it and I never really used it. It was too rough to use as a dethacher, stripped the grass bare...

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Not sure of the size but there are several types of plastic drums that probably could be fabricated and look good



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Unfortunately, as you know, I never found a hood solution when I had your sweeper pass through my shop.  Michael had them reproduced years ago, but none remain.  Once I landed a Powermax broom, yours took a ride to WI.  If I can track down a steel hood broom, I will shre so you can get the dimensions needed.  I prefer the steel on these, as the plastic hoods always get busted one way or another, plus, they are so light weight that the broom tends to bounce vs more aggresively sweep.  It is much easier to control brush pressure with the weight of the steel hoods, which is what yours had originally.

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Thanks, Josh,

I would appreciate that. I am planning to wait until I can do it right.

Take care, Tamur

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