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BGB Conundrum


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Tractor is 3416 H # 990 871 4993 ...  16 HP Briggs Single Cast iron.

Just started to hear unfriendly sounds from the tractor in the drive train , and after careful examination with a mechanics stethoscope narrowed it to the BGB

It makes kind of a skipping howl sound that has a vibration that comes and goes.

Facts.: About two years ago, this BGB went south.  I rebuilt it with ALL new bearings, seals and gaskets. Installed good USED bevel gears. Ran good until just the other day while running revitalizer on lawn.

Question: Could those brand new bearings be defective already? Yes I always maintain proper fluid levels. OR is the useful service life of the bevel gears now up?

Also, checked carefully the motor, driveshaft, mounting disks , nothing loose or broken i could see.

All the best

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Just a thought, maybe the idler pulley to the pump going bad telegraphing to the BGB through the belt?


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Check the BGB for:

1) If there is up-down movement in the input shaft. If so, then most likely the front needle bearing is bad and/or the shaft is worn at the front needle bearing.

2) If there is rotational play, then it is most likely keys and/or keyways between the bevel gears and shafts.

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Will double check on Monday on both of those fine suggestions. Thank You Gentlemen!


Would it help to drain the oil  and add 130 wt. oil/grease?

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