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1961 725

1974 Allis Chalmers 620 - 60" Deck Spindle/Parts

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1961 725

Hi guys,

Looking for a replacement shaft (or the corresponding part number) for the right spindle assembly for my 1974 Allis Chalmers 620 with a 60" cutting deck.

Does anyone have one they'd like to sell or does anyone know the part number?

I was cutting the grass on our two acres with the AC 620 the other day (what a beast!), and unfortunately, hit a rock and the right spindle shaft essentially snapped off (see pics). 

As you can see in the second picture,  I removed the shaft along with the attached pulley.

Before coming to our Simple Tractors Forum to seek input and advice, I spent some time on-line and called a few garden tractor companies, including my local Simplicity dealer, to ask if they carry a replacement shaft/parts - no such luck.

If anyone has a shaft or spindle assembly they'd like to sell (or if anyone knows the part number for the shaft), I'm sure interested! 

God bless and many thanks Gents!

AC 620 1.jpeg

AC 620 2.jpeg

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2172577SM is the part number for the left & right spindles.  

These are from the 9020 Parts manual.  It is some but not all the attachments that were available to these tractors.  

1690157 - System 9000 Loader.

1600197 - 57" Sickle Bar.

1690074 - 60" Rotary Mower.

1600328 - Mower Hitch.

1600199 - Rotary Tiller 48".

1600201 - 60" Dozer Blade.

1690162 - 60" Grader Blade.

1600225 - Snowthrower, Single Stage, 52".

1600200 - 12" Plow.

1600223 - 54" Cultivator.

1690197 - Hour Meter. 

1690191 - 540 Rear P.T.O.

If you go here - http://www.simplicitymfg.com/us/en/support/manuals - And enter these 169xxxx numbers in the upper right hand corner, you will find a parts manual & owners manual for all these attachments.

As for your dilemma of a replacement spindle, you may have to have it replicated at a machine shop unless you can find one still in inventory or a used one.  If you find a new one, expect to pay close to $200 for it.

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1961 725

UPDATE:  Using the link that ShaunE provided ( http://www.simplicitymfg.com/us/en/support/manuals), was able to secure the part number for the right-hand spindle shaft assembly.  

Using the phone number that Bill725 provided, I was able to send a picture of the broken part and the corresponding part number to Mike Brown (whose number is listed in this thread) who has the correct remanufactured part on hand (see attached pictures).

Spindle shaft assembly, non-center, part #2172577SM (listed as the 'Arbor Assembly').

We placed the order today which totaled $180, including shipping, so a big thank you to SimpleTractors and thank you too, to ShaunE and Bill725!

I'll update this thread once received and installed.

God bless.....


AC Right Spindle Shaft 1.jpeg

AC Right Spindle Shaft 2.jpeg

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1961 725

Update II: Received the spindle shaft assembly today, courtesy of Mike Brown.

Nicely packaged and protected too.
The part looks identical (in terms of measurement and material) to the original, 47 year old spindle shaft assembly from the factory, including the threaded port for the zerk fitting - very pleased.
Will likely make the repair this weekend due to my work schedule and will make a final update once the rig is back on active duty.
God bless.
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1961 725

Update III: cleaned the deck (especially the underside) and installed a brand new lift ‘eye bolt’. Finally got the spindle shaft assembly greased and installed, with all blades sharpened and balanced along with a brand new belt. Gave her a test run the other day and all looks and sounds good; she’ll be back on active duty this week!

Once again, thank you all, thank you Simple TrACtors!



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