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some questions, some projects

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Hi all,

spent a bit of time in the garage today, working on the "new to me" Alis 919 along with a couple of other projects.  The KT19 in the 919 Allis had a bolt broken off in the intake manifold where the coil bolts on, so drilled that out, re-tapped, and rebolted.  Then, I had worn out the shoes on my heavy duty blade, so the other day I cut some material, cut slots, and bent pcs.  The original ones are 1/8 inch steel, I went to 3/16 thick so they will last a bit longer.  Today I painted them and got them on.  Welding sucks, not my strong suit for sure, but I think they will work, and now I can grind off a few welds and replace the bottom part when they wear.  Some pics are attached.  Then back to the 919, checked and tightened the BGB bolts, I always find the bottom two are loose, these were not too bad but i did tighten them some.  Then I got a few pics of a bracket that is bolted onto the seat pan on the left side, front of the tire, and am wondering what this could have been for.  Any ideas?  After that, i got a few pics of the tractor and the seat, which is shot.  Any advice on a replacement?  Finally, the lift cable seems to be against the cone clutch linkage when I lift the tiller, and that pushes on the linkage and makes it really hard to engage the clutch.  Routing seems right, i took a couple of pics, anyone see something I am missing?  Finally, I went back to the Sovereign I bought last fall.  Owner is the same guy i got the 919 from.  He had found a shield that he said bolts onto the hood for winter use.  There  are two holes in the hood for it, but I sure don't see why it would be there and it does not fit like a factory pc. I think it might have been for a tractor with a single cylinder engine, but they why are the holes in the hood?  Got a few pics of that as well.

Chime in with any input!


















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I don’t see the shield in the pics anywhere but I do not believe there were any for the twins and I think the last ones were for 7000 series with Briggs single cylinder engines as they were more prone to icing up. 

As for the cable, I recently had a problem on my 917 not wanting to engage the tiller. Turned out that the cable was routed through the wrong slot in the tractor frame above the front of the BGB. It caused the cable to become too taught when the PTO was engaged and it restricted the movement of the cone clutch causing it to keep disengaging. I have tilled with this tractor previously but I don’t know why I didn’t have this problem then. 

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Update:  Cable is fixed, it was actually around the rod that engages the pto so it would jam it when tight.  Still no idea what the bracket on the seat pan is for, and the shield is going on the shelf for now.

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25 minutes ago, steve-wis said:

Still no idea what the bracket on the seat pan is for,

That's obviously the mounting bracket for the heavy duty cup holder offered as an accessory for that model. Don't see many of those around, and the cups are even more rare.


cup ac.jpg

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