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Legacy XL Online Parts and wheels


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Little frustrated.  Most of the online places have my XL listed as having 8" rims on the front. 

It has wheels on it stamped 10 x 6"

Tired of trying to find used, so I figured maybe go down the  new route.

Do the dealers have any better or more accurate parts lists?

Anybody have a favorite aftermarket steel wheel supplier?


Got my new shoes for XL ,but ndo not really want to demount the Field Tracks, unless I have no choice.




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Very odd.  Might a PO changed out the front wheels/tires?  

My 2006 Simplicity Catalog shows 18 x 8.5 - 8 (4 ply) for the front tires:



The full page in case I didn't get your tractor correct:


PS - The 2015 Catalog also lists the "Front Tires" as 18 x 8.5 / Field Trac 


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From Parts list downloaded from Simplicity




Problem when you put the part number wheel assy # 17 into online look-ups it calls it an 8" wheel wahsm00.


Hence my frustration

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Not Legacy, Legacy XL, different animal altogether.

And maybe that is where some of the confusion comes from.

If Simplicity had picked a different name for the XL...........................


I can measure my own wheel, but finding a part number (even aftermarket) would allow me to by new ones.


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I think I figured out your dilemma - check the "*" footnote at bottom of parts page:


This had me look closer at the parts description - the wheel & tire assembly for the Field Trac tires does NOT include part #17, the wheel.  (where the Turf Tire assembly does).

However the Field Trac assembly includes IPL #7 (8" Turf tire) AND IPL #8 (10" Field Trac tire) - so there's definitely an error somewhere.  

I checked out the Field Trac Tire IPL #16 (Simp #1726595SM) - it's been superseded to  #1726030SM which is IPL #2 & 3, the rear Field Trac wheel and tire assembly and the rear wheel.  

So the parts listing definitely has some errors.  

PS - I guess your XL is newer as the 2015 catalog didn't specify the wheel diameter like the 2006 catalog did.    

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I've downloaded several Legacy & Legacy XL IPLs over the years.  The one I was looking at that seemed to match the IPL you posted is MFG #1694451.  It's the "new" format; I downloaded it Jan 2019. 



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Greg, I’m not sure if this answers your question or not, but maybe it’s helpful… I was in a similar situation and used PowerMax front 10” rims.  I discovered the compatibility out of necessity 🤦‍♂️

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Powermax rims are generally fairly easy to find, and are cheap, if not free. I had a spare set in my parts pile and switched from 8 inch to 10 inch on of my XL’s. The turf tires were cheap but I did spend the extra for proper Simplicity paint. 




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So your XL's had 8" on from Factory?  Mine has 10" already, and parts list snips above show that's what it came with, in theory.

Stopped at the local Simplicity non stocking dealer  and had a talk with parts guy.  After I made him understand the situation, he started looking things up.  The part number listed in the parts list, comes up as an 8" wheel when you look it up in the data base.  He used a regular look-up (like Jacks etc) and also his Simplicity page.  Found the same thing.

Finally said maybe the description is wrong.  But not confident enough to order a pair to find out, as they might not be returnable?  He said he has called before on other apparent errors with little positive response on the other end wah


I have R-4 style skid steer tires to mount now.  Have a huge pile of firewood logs to move from neighbors house to mine.

Been looking for wheels for a while, so I guess I will just demount Field tracs and mount the others.  Then still try to find wheels around here to remount field tracs.


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I'd give Walt's a call and ask your questions.  They are still a big (if there is such a thing) Simplicity Dealer and stock lots of parts.  Although it's a bit of a drive, they usually have the Sovereign parts I need in stock:


In my experience, their parts guys are knowledgeable and maybe you'll get lucky and they'll have the wheels in stock.  


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Finally bit the bullet and  put the XL up on stands, pulled all 4 wheels.

Both fronts had about a quart of stop leak gunk in them.  not the white latex stuff, but a gray blue slurry.

What a mess.  Had to fix the one wheels bead area due to rust.  Chipped and sanded, then a couple coats of Extend and paint.

Tried to mount fronts first, got one bead over but the second side just spun wah.  Pulled off rears no problem.


Took them to a local tire shop.  4 hours latter, and only $25 for all four..................


Installed and new shoes.  Just got to figure the right pressure, its not marked on side of tire sm00





And for the record, my measurements and from stampings.  Fronts are 10x6, 3.125 thru hole, 5 on 4.5, and 2 3/16 back space. Rears are 12x8.5, 3.125 thru hole, 5 on 4.5, and 4 3/4 backspace.



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