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Simplicity express deck


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wanted to know if simplicity regent decks are interchangeable with express decks....my old express deck is rusted through....not many express decks out there but several regent decks around....also...i have the gear model...wonder if gear and hydro decks are different on same model...thanks men

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Welcome to the club.

Making multiple posts with the exact same text won't get your question(s) answered any sooner and the duplicate posts will be deleted (and you also lose count of the total views).  

If you feel your post isn't being noticed, you can always bump the post to the top of the forum by using the reply feature with a comment to the effect of "any help appreciated" or "any thoughts".

Unfortunately, most of the club members are familiar with the "Sovereign" or other "large frame" tractors.  There is also experience with the small frame tractors (old Broadmoors, 5000 and 6000 series tractors).  I don't remember any posts about a Simplicity Express tractor.  But you could try a search and see what you find.

A way to answer your questions is to get the parts manual for each deck and compare them item by item.  It's a painful process that I've done several times, but the compatibility questions are usually answered.  

Or take your deck with you and visit the seller of the potential replacement deck and compare them.  


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