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Brought Kohler Command on Spec

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In a search for a backup engine for my Simplicity, I found a horizontal Kohler Command 20  with the 1" x 3 1/4" crank.  The seller said it ran good a couple of years ago when he pulled it off another tractor,  but I was unable to do much on site to verify its condition. I paid him $100  and took it home. I decided it was worth the gamble.


Once home, I pulled the spark plugs and checked the oil. Plugs looked fine, and there was oil in it that wasn't completely filthy so that was a good sign. I had to use a breaker bar to turn the engine and it felt like I was dealing with chewed up gears. After taking a break, I decided to pull the starter to see if that was causing the engine to bind. Good news is that the engine seemed okay without the starter attached, the bad news is that the starter is a rusty mess. It will be interesting to see if I can revive the starter, but I will give it a try. New starters can be had for about $60-$80, but I want to see if I have a good runner before investing in one. 


Another  challenge will be a couple of busted mounting bolts snapped off in the engine. I can reach the back side of the bolts, and with some patience, a MAPP torch, and PB Blaster, hopefully I can get the broken bolts to wiggle themselves free, that and seeing if I can come up with a muffler modification to work with the tractor. 


Anyway, this looks to be a spare time kind of project, I just have to keep pouring a pint of oil into the Vanguard every time I mow for now. 


He is a shot of the starter opening.

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Hope it works out for you.  

It looks like the oil filter side valve cover is leaking.  A common problem and there's been a couple integrations of replacement valve covers/o-ring combos over the years.  See this post for some info:



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I was spraying PB Blaster and when I had the engine at a certain angle oil spilled out onto my tailgate, but judging on the general level of grime, new valve cover gaskets is a good idea. 

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