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Another Sunstar electrical issue?

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I’ve got an issue I’m not quite sure where to begin. I’ve been searching on here for similar situations but haven’t found what I’m looking for for yet. 

my issue is the while mowing , the tractor will act like it’s out of gas and start sputtering, and die. Sometimes I can restart and it will work just fine and I can finish the yard. Other times when I try to restart, there is absolutely nothing at the key switch, no click, no nothing, but if I let it sit for a while, I can go back and it’ll start right back up and run great for a while again until it acts up. Not sure where to start because when it does run it runs fantastic. I guess I was thinking electrical and not a fuel issue because of the key switch. I have another almost identical Sunstar that needs the engine rebuilt so I have spare parts to pick from to try and diagnose. 

any suggestions?


thanks, Shane

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Sounds to me like a circuit breaker overheating and tripping. May not actually be a short. Sometimes when CB's get old and tired they will trip if they get too warm with the current flow through them. That's the first thing I would check.

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