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Help Identifying 42" Deck


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Recently aquired an older (believe it's around a 1967) Landlord 2012. Got it running so now my attention is on the roughed up deck. It needs every belt replaced (tractor & deck.) However I'm having issues finding a parts list to get an idea. Some of the belts on it were wrong so I can't measure them for a replacement. 

In the pictures, it's the deck with the arbors removed. The second deck in the pictures is the one off by B10 for comparison (it's a 990407.) They are both 42" decks.

The one I'm curious about is gold (Montgomery Ward maybe?), has the same belt covers as the 407, the spindle drive belt is 10" shorter than the 407. The spindle drive belt adjustment is also unique. It isn't spring loaded like the 407. The idler pulley actually slides in a slot in the deck and tightened to secure it. All the parts illustrations I've found show the bracket and spring. Nothing about a manually adjusted idler. The shorter belt may be a result of the differing idler setup.   

Anybody have any ideas?





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Early deck(s?) used the idler in a slot rather than the idler arm/spring.  One such deck in MFG#990285:


The arbor drive belt is part #108209, 82.1" HA cross section

I believe @MrSteele converted one of the slot decks to use an idler arm/spring setup.  


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The deck on my Allis B110 has the spring load idler but the deck is also stamped with an arced slot for the rigid mount idler.  I  believe the one deck is Allis Chalmers yellow.  

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The red deck in the pics is a replacement housing I purchased from a Simplicity dealer many years ago hence the red color. The original deck or what was left of it, was yellow as you said. Ill check if the slot is there. I know the gold deck (with arbors removed) doesn't have the hole needed to install the idler lever which is NLA. The spring IS available from B&S for about $12. I'm thinking I may be rather forced to stick with the original setup rather than go on a scavenger hunt for the idler lever. I have no reason to believe it won't function well. 


Also wanted to thank Phandad for the reply. I've found through the years that sometimes you need an old parts list to compare to a newer list to either find a part or even upgrade designs. 

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