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Sunstar 20 Hydro Mulching Blade?


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I've been looking for a left hand mulching blade for a 48" left discharge deck on my Simplicity Sunstar 20 Hydro for a while now and it looks like it doesn't exist.  The stock blade is a Simplicity P/N 1679916.  It's a left hand hi lift blade, (1.0” diameter bore, length is 16.75”, offset is 9/16”).   Does anyone have any suggestions on converting the stock blade to a mulching blade, i.e. machine slots in the blade similar to a gator blade?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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The only option I know of for a mulching blade is the kit for the 60" deck. However it would be possible with some fabrication to do the same to a 48" deck. How effective it would be I don't know. 

The left hand high lift or Gator blades where made if I remember correctly but discontinued since before I got my first tractor which was around 11 years ago. I do remember it being discussed and I'm positive the discussion said they had been discontinued years ago and that's a very old conversation. 

To modify a 48 deck you would have to put a right hand blade on the left side of your deck along with the pulley on the outside of the outer  left side of the left blade. This would also require a modification to the deck itself and then for it to be most effective one would have to build a custom deck recycle kit like the 60" mulch kit has. 

With that being said I am assuming that's the purpose of the idler pulley on the far left side of the deck in the first place to reverse the direction of the outer blade and recycle the grass.


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Thanks for the suggestions and the links.  Not sure if I want to go down the path of modifying the deck.  I think I will go on a hunt for the old gator mulch blades.  maybe I'll get lucky.


Thanks again

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