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Broadmoor CV492 govornor issues

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 Last Monday I saw a Broadmoor for sale online at what seemed to be a good price. The add said it wouldn't run, but at the price I could find a replacement engine or maybe short block it.  Got it home and once I started messing with it, Had it running in a few minutes. ( I just paid the man and loaded it untried) After a couple of minutes running it was clear there was a problem with the governor. The cross shaft was adjusted exactly reverse of what it should have been and so no surprise that when adjusted correctly it simply doesn't work. With the cross shaft pinned against the block there was nothing to hold the center pin in the governor. ( at least that is what I expect to find when I pull it and tear it down in the morning)

 I have the new parts but the sealant instead of a gasket for the sump is new to me and I'm not real comfortable with it. For one thing, I have no wish to pay $67.00 for 10.5 ounces of Loctite 5900 that I'll use an ounce of and likely never use again before it is ruined. The dealer sold me oil resistant black RTV But I have OMC anaerobic left over from rebuilding my 115 Johnson. Which would you guys use ? Or would you fork over the cash for the 5900 ?

 My next question is about why this governor failed in the first place. Have any of you ran into this problem ?


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  Pulled the engine apart and found about what I expected. The governor was still together but had spit the push pin that contacts the governor cross shaft. Could have just put the push pin back in place as there was no damage but replaced it all with new parts.  Engine runs as it should now.

 I really hoped to learn why this happened and so maybe keep it from doing so again. I can only hope it was an error on the part of the PO. Replacing bearings in the deck along with a roller and plan to use a 5/8 lock collar in place of the missing "push nut".

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