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AC 312 H electric lift


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Looking for help.  


Bought the tractor knowing lift, pto, and lights don't work.  Fixed electrical issues.  Lights and PTO work.  The lift motor runs, but no movement.  Found that the balls in the lift bearing are out and the passage is damaged.  Has anyone ever fixed one of these?  Have specs for the balls? 


Any suggestions or advice?  


Also the grease is dry and stiff inside.  Anyone recommend lubes for it?  I was thinking corn head grease.








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This probably won't help much, but here is the parts info from the AC 300 parts manual:



The part # for the whole actuator is 1603334.

I have one of those on my AC built Homelite T-12, but it's never given me any issues and I've never had it open.  


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Thanks PhanDad!


I used that diagram and have 2 leads.  1 is item #1 new old stock for $450.  2 is the complete unit new old stock.  Waiting on price.


Thanks for the help.

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1 hour ago, Allen said:

1 is item #1 new old stock for $450.  2 is the complete unit new old stock.  Waiting on price.

Option 1 isn't an option in my book.

Option 2 hopefully is better.  

Another possibility is used.  They come up occasionally on eBay/Craigslist.  Or maybe buy a whole non running tractor with working lift.  

Put a want ad in our classified section, maybe someone has one they'll let go.  

PS - The Allis electric lift is different from the Simplicity electric lift.  I know the mounting pins are in a different location, but I don't know if the "guts" are different:  


AC/Homelite on left & Simplicity on right.  


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I got a new, complete unit from a dealer for $200.  My dad is going to pick up in the next week or so.  

Can't decide to keep the old one or try to sell for parts.  It doesnt look worn, but the balls came out of the screw.  I hoped someone on here had experience repairing them.  I know some bigger tractors used a similar system on their steering and have seen that repaired.


Any help is appreciated 

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