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wiring diagram for homelite t 16-h

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i am looking for a good quality wiring diagram not a parts wiring diagram that includes the spark plug wiring if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated  

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As far as I know, this is as close to a "wiring diagram" you're going to get for an AC built Homelite (and it's from the parts manual):


The above is from the Homelite Parts Manual which can be downloaded at the Simplicity website:



11 hours ago, bergalur said:

that includes the spark plug wiring

I think you're asking about the magneto coil wiring for the spark plug.  The mag "kill" wire is "W" shown in the above diagram (it grounds the mag to kill the spark).  It's attached to a small insulator at the top of the points cover as shown in the diagram above. 

The remaining wiring is "Briggs" wiring that comes with the engine.  Here's a pic of the wiring at the points area on my Homelite T-12:  


(The points have been abandoned and a MegaFire electronic ignition installed)

You can see the insulator at the top of the points cover.  The darkened white white in a loop is the kill wire from the ignition switch.  There's a second wire on the insulator that runs up to the mag under the blower housing.  The wire nut is connecting the MegaFire unit to the mag wire that used to run under the points cover and connect to the points.  Both wires that run under the tin wind up at the same point (electrically) at the magneto (ungrounded side).  


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For a true wiring diagram, this 3410H diagram is the closest match I know of:


It does have the generator warning light vs the usual ammeter, but does not have the wiring complications of the electric PTO.  

The following "back of T-12 dash" pics are before/after installation of new hourmeter and replacement PTO indicator light. As far as I know, the wiring is un-hacked:




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okay so i am wondering what wire connects to the spark plug that adds timing sorry if i sound weird but the electrical is all waked up see picts attached

p.s hopefully tomorrow i'll get better pictures these are taken at night sorry



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