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So I did a thing. I have been a long time Amsoil dealer but I haven't had quick access to the products when I want them in a long time. At least never the ones I need for our tractors. Recently I was in Wanatah so I stopped at Dewey's auto supply and picked up everything I needed to do my spring service to my tractors with Amsoil. Including the small engine pi gasoline additive , Amsoil Power foam , and the small engine 10w30. They didn't have the B&S licensed oil but at least I got Amsoil small engine oil. I have used the 10w30 OE a few times though. So I sprayed Powerfoam thru my carb filled my gas can up with pi and changed my oil after the Power foam. ( That's very important as it was in the oil!!!) I imagine I used to much not knowing how much a small engine needs. I have now mowed close to 2.5 acres and still on first tank of gas. Looks like I have about an inch left. Was gonna fill it up but I think I'm going to push my luck now. This is a Sovereign with a 21 hp Vanguard commercial. My usual fuel usage is 1.5 tanks or more with a 48" deck and I'm running a 42" . I'm not sure what all is responsible but I am very pleased with my results. 

FYI: I ALSO DID THIS ON MY COMMAND.  I haven't paid attention to it's economy as it's 60" deck and I've never started with a full tank.  I also may have damedged  the engine cause I mowed once after the powerfoam not realizing it got into my oil.  So by all means I recommend it but not changing oil while it's soaking is a bad bad bad idea! 

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