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Look what followed me home today, quite literally... Price was free so I guess this is a Free-Gent. I haven't looked anything up on it yet, but the guy down the street about 6 houses said he had an "old mower" he was looking to get rid of.

Of all things that turns out to be a 12 and a half horsepower Simplicity Regent. Now this is nothing more than a lawn mower tractor to be sure, but I have two garden tractors already so I really don't need another one.

That being said, if I can get this thing going it will be a dedicated lawnmower and I can use my other tractors for dedicated ground engaging implements...

On an interesting side note, notice that even though the tractors are backed up back-to-back the discharge chutes on the mowers are both facing me in this pic. One's a right-hand discharge one's a left-handed discharge. I really wish I could find Gator blades for the old decks, I really do miss them...

I used my chain hook implement to turn the 7112 into a tractor tow truck...



OK, the pic isn't the best.... The tranny seems to be locked up. The shift lever moves freely through the gear positions. I literally just picked up the front end and the rear wheels held position while I walked it up on end. I got the mower deck belt to move (two belts direct drive off the crankshaft, one for the deck and the other for the tranny), which means the engine will turn over with a bit of TLC. The tranny belt seemed hung up so I tried to free it up. The clutch is locked down (no belt tension) and I'm going to try taking the mower deck off to make things easier. 

At this point, my plan is to uncouple everything from the engine and see if it will run. We'll see what happens after it gets going... 

If anyone has any thoughts or experience with one of these type mowers, I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Until now, my newest tractor is mid-80's vintage... I don't think I've ever had a vertical shaft Simplicity!

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