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Mighty Mac Shredder mule drive

Layman G

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Greetings I just joined, as in the last two months I got two Simplicities, a 7013H and a 7117H, and was blessed to find some attachments.

I know I saw a thread on here dealing with Mighty Mac but my question is a bit different. The Mighty Mac I got didn't come with a mule drive, but I have a Rototiller with its mule drive. My question is can I use the tiller's mule drive for the shredder? The heavier belt for the Rototiller appears to be the same kind as the one for the shredder. Although it is too long. Was wondering if anyone has any advice on this thanks.

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I suggest trying the tiller mule drive for the MacKissick (MacK). I have attached pictures: 1) a late model 
Sovereign with the tiller installed, 2) the MacK mule drive (upside down from mounting position) and 3) the chipper shredder. The MacK uses the same 5/8" or 21/32" wide belt as the tiller but, you will have to determine the correct length required. You can use the cone PTO clutch to engage/disengage the drive. Your 7013H should have the remote hydro filter, but if your 7117H has the side mounted filter the belt will interfere because the input shaft on the MacK is lower than the tiller. I am in the process of changing the side mounted hydro filter on my late model Sovereigns to the remote filter so I can use my Mack.

Sov Tiller.jpg



MacK Mule Drive.jpg

MacK Chipper Shredder.jpg

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