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Sunstar PTO cutting out


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Was mowing with the sunstar today and the PTO cut out. Checked the belts and usual sorts of things and everything was fine. Closed the hood and PTO ran fine. A few minutes later, same thing.  This time I noticed the seat light and neutral light were off. I have bypassed the seat switch but not by wiring directly. I just have the seat switch taped in the engaged position. Checked this and wires and all was fine. Noticed also that the seat and neutral switch come back on a few seconds after turning off the PTO switch. The tractor will actually drive when the seat light is off, which shouldn’t be the case. I replaced the PTO switch as I had one. Briefly looked at the wiring mess and no obvious mouse nests etc. but didn’t inspect that carefully.  Just seems strange that turning on the PTO switch turns off the seat/neutral light but turning off PTO results in the lights coming back on. Anyone with any ideas off the top of their head??  Thanks in advance!!

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So I messed around a little bit this morning. Swapped out the interlock module as I had a spare. Same problem. Started tracing wires and checking for issues. Finally at the PTO clutch I found one wire that insulation was cracked in several places. The wire seemed intact, but I wrapped in in electrical tape. Two additional wires that went from there to headlight had bare areas, so I taped those as well. Started her up and the PTO is working again. Just a short test run, I’ll finish mowing this evening when it’s a little cooler. I’m guessing that either the bare wires were contacting metal (or each other) and causing a short. When I turned off the PTO switch the interlock module must “reset” (probably not the correct term) and the seat/neutral lights come back on.  May have also been the cracked wire, same idea. I’ll replace the cracked wire for the long-term fix. Fingers crossed that solves the issue.  

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