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Thanks for accepting my request. I have an older Simplicity 990193 - 30" sickle bar mower. I am trying to attach a 87cc gas engine to the unit. I do not know much about how it worked as a walk behind but would like any info on it and any help on my DIY. Questions I have:

Should the gas engine be on top or at the back of the 8-1/2"  pulley wheel on the sickle bar.

How does the the pulley idler work? You can pull on it to engage?

What was the RPM'S of the unit?

Any help on any question would be appreciated. I have attached  photos of my model. Thanks



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The attached pictures are from a Simplicity brochure from the early 1960's. The 2-wheeled tractors are the W, Mfg. No. 990189, and the LC, Mfg. No. 990149. The 30" sickle bar is Mfg. No. 990193. Go to the simplicitymfg,com website and download the manuals to see if you can figure more out.

W-Tractor 001.jpg

LC-Tractor 001.jpg

Attach-P1 001.jpg

Attach-P2 001.jpg

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Hi Bill725, thanks for the brochures. When I look at the sickle bar picture it does not match my unit. Maybe I have the wrong number.  Mine does not have a idler pulley (as in the picture on brochure) although it does have a clutch idler rod that appears to engage or dis-engage belt from power? I think mine is 1957 model?

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