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Fabricating a cultivator hitch


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I am fabricating two hitches for the cultivators that are missing them. Step one is to find something that can be used without a lot of work or welding. I tried 4" channel iron but while tall enough it didn't have enough throat depth. This is 4" I-beam and is very nearly a perfect match.


I cut two slices off the I-beam that matched the width of the OEM part. Next came the slow and tedious drilling task. I used the cobalt drill bit set (1/16" to 1/2" by 1/64" increments) and advanced by 1/32" for the smaller bits, then 1/64" for the larger ones. Once you get up to the larger bits, they are long enough to go all the way through. This helps prevent the drill from twisting your wrist if it catches in the hole.


Once drilled, I cut the tabs off the non-drilled side. Here I'm using the Johnson saw to do that, just like I used it to cut the slices off the I-beam.



A little work with the flap wheel cleans things up quite nicely.


Then I found some flat stock that was just about the perfect size. I laid the OEM part over it and used spray paint to mark out the pattern. From here I need to cut out and drill these parts to match the OEM hitch. A little welding should be all that's left after that, maybe a bit of clean-up and paint, too...

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The wafer wheel makes quick work of cutting out the rough shape for this part.


Though there are only two bolts clamping the new parts to the OEM hitch, I drilled out three holes. One for the fixed position hole and the other two are the top and bottom holes for the adjustment slot. 


I used the regular grinding wheel to take down the rough parts, then the big flap wheel to smooth and match the new parts to the original one. I left the bolts in until I finished the job. I took this pic after I finished and had taken them out. 

I still need to cut out the adjustment slot between the two holes. Looks like it's time for the Dremel and the diamond wafer blades...

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Here I am cutting the slot with the Dremel. I have a few different size and material discs to use. The diamond disc made the cut easily enough but wore out the edge. The faces remain viable for use though. There are also regular abrasive discs with slight variations in thickness and grit.


Once both slots were cut out it took a little bit of file work to get the bolt to slide along the slot. So now only welding and paint...

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The welding is now finished. I waited for a guy at work to come back from vacation as he's a certified pipe welder and does a really nice job. Much better than I manage. Sure, my welds hold but they don't look near as nice as this...


They fit the sleeve hitch just fine with room to swing. I need to find or make the plate for this hitch.


Sorry for the upside down pic. This is a tow hitch for the cart that fits the sleeve hitch. So now I can leave the sleeve hitch on all the time and if I want to use the cart just hook this up and hook the cart to it. Note that it does not have room to swing. This was an early try at making the cultivator hitch that I wound up drilling the holes too close to the vertical hence no room to swing... So out of the failed prototype I made something else that should prove useful.

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