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Removing carburetor on Briggs Vanguard horizontal.


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Began working on the 1918. I wanted to remove the carburetor to clean it and found that it is attached by screws on the bottom of the intake. It looks like the intake will need to come off to remove the carburetor. If so I will probably have to remove the engine as I cannot get enough clearance behind the blower shroud to access the intake screws. Does this sound correct?  

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Tore into it tonight. The engine is bolted to a plate which with the bolts removed, I was able to loosen and slide the engine far enough forward, Then I was able to loosen the shroud and remove the intake. Good thing I did as there was a lot of debris needing to be cleaned. Several mud dauber nests. E235710E-6E34-466F-9999-2FAD9894E753.thumb.jpeg.2a3156d0b79a635f79f790d554b53041.jpeg

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Don’t forget to clean the air path behind exhaust manifold going thru the center of the cylinder head. 


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