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Oh that Onan

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put the blade back on the 4040 today for the first time since I rebuild the bushings in it and went out to push some rock piles around. Ran good on flat ground but the second trip down a short hill with a slope of 1 1/4 inch per foot it started black smoking and died. Got going again and would do the same going up the hill, after about 6 trips of that I got it back to the shop. Thinking it flooded out because of the black smoke, I have the float set at 5/16 in from the gasket. Guess I'll take the top off in the morning, check it out, and put the new gasket in That Bill and Co. send me. Sure do appr the service with a capital S them folks give.. Gotta find some wheel wts for that tractor. them truck tire chains just tear stuff up and still goes nowhere. Bet that is the use for that white iron above the hitch..Love this daylite, parked the 112 and yard rake at midnite:45 cause my left arm was shot..Goodmorning all..MPH

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