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Uggg 60" deck maintenance required!


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Ok my 60" Agco 1920 deck has been asking nicely for a few months for maintenance from blades to the deck itself. I've been asking it nicely for the season to finish the restore but I got the middle finger today from her on the more serious needs of the deck itself. So what gauge steel is the actual she'll. It looks to be 1/8  but I know the smaller decks are like 16g or so. 

I have to patches the front left side where wheel mounts.

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1/8 inch would be 10 gauge and I doubt it is that thick but could very well be 12 gauge. 1/8 inch would work well tho and be easy to weld especially if you need to direct the heat to the thicker metal so as not to burn through.



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Am seconding the comment on 12 Gauge.  Circa early 70's Allis was using 12 gauge metal for cabs, fenders and miscellaneous sheet assemblies. 

Good Luck with this project!


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