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Kohler Single command vertical wiring question


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Model -CV16S

Spec - 43510

Fam - SKH426U1G2RB

Ser - 2725806854

This originally came from a foot control broadmoor. Was moved to a Massey foot control Broadmoor. Replacing block with yet another "new" used Kohler  CV single engine,  but have to swap the ignition and charging system from this old engine to the new one.

This one has a control module with 5 wires coming out of it.

White is kill wire,

Yellow is to the small tab on the  magneto ignition coil

Red goes out to tractor wiring harness

This leaves a brown and a black wire and I lost track of where they go.  Both go to the magneto coil, one is to the large tab coming out of the coil, the other goes to a tab attached to the mounting screw that mounts the coil to the block. 

I am assuming its the black wire that goes to the mounting screw and ground?


Anyone know for sure?..or have a diagram?

Thanks for any assistance...

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