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old threshers reunion mt. pleasant iowa show(video link added!)


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Hi all!

We finally made it to the old threshers reunion in Mt. Pleasant Iowa today.  Lots to see!  They were featuring Farmall tractors this year in the tractor area.  they also have a big antique car show on site, hit and miss engines, steam tractors and engines, horse powered shows, and alot more.  I can't show the pics from it all, but here are the ones from the tractor area.  To be honest, not alot of garden tractor stuff, but the pics of the blue Panzer with the factory loader are cool, never saw one before.  Owner says only 200 made, for cleaning chicken coops out east.  They also have a railway around the grounds with a steam engine drawn train which we rode on, that was cool too.  Lots to eat, lots to see, if you get a chance, this is a fun show, and always on Labor Day weekend as far as I know.  Enjoy the pics!  I have a short video of an Allis Chalmers steam engine i will try to upload too, not sure if I can get that on or not.

Edit:  Can't seem to upload a video, anyone know how this can be done?  Let me know please.  thanks!


Link to video:  



panzer 1.jpg

panzer 2.jpg

panzer 3.jpg

pic 1.jpg

pic 2.jpg

pic 3.jpg

pic 4.jpg

pic 5.jpg

pic 6.jpg

pic 7.jpg

pic 8.jpg

pic 9.jpg

pic 10.jpg

pic 11.jpg

pic 12.jpg

pic 13.jpg

pic 14.jpg

pic 15.jpg

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Link to Video added.
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1 hour ago, steve-wis said:

Owner says only 200 made, for cleaning chicken coops out east. 

I was helping clean a hen house back when I was in high school. On 2nd floor and we were shoveling from sides into rows. Frank was using garden tractor with a dozer blade to push it to the hole in floor and into back of dump truck on level below.

The tractor sound changed and we all looked around, no tractor and no Frank! Walked over to the hole and there he was sitting on the tractor on a pile of hen dressing in the back of the dump truck.

Fortunately he was unhurt and it was funny. Could have been not funny real easy.


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"Edit:  Can't seem to upload a video, anyone know how this can be done?  Let me know please.  thanks!"

Upload to Youtube and post a link. I did it for the first time yesterday in "Small frame repower". Good luck, Dave

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Mt Pleasant is always a good show and that big Allis steam engine is a nice display. My grandpa & grandma started taking me to that show when I was in grade school. Have gone back several times since.   Thanks @steve-wis


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Happy you got to see the show. I went on Sunday. I have been going every year for probably six years. The flea markets around town were a tad smaller than in the past but I still managed to find a few treasures. The show has fantastic museums and displays. Its more than one can see in a day. Highly recommend it. 

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Thanks Steve for the video and photos. Two of those Alllis Chalmer tractors my father owned.I remember cleaning out chicken coups by hand and there a lot of rats . nothing like 10 rats running out at once, plus th3e smell of the amonia. We always had a great steam and tractor show that ran for 4 days at Milton ON Canada. I picked up a minature Madmod Steam tractor that ran on dry fuel. I currently have 3 steam engines altogether but havem't use them in quite some time. I was thinking of making a carousel and running by steam driven engine.

if you are interested check out Pinterest they have a lot of old train pics , garden tractors, old fire equipment..

Thanks again Steve for sharing the photos.


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