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Well, this is weird!


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The other day when I got my finger in the belt on the Sears tractor, it killed the engine. When I went to start it later that day it would barely turn over. Okay, I'd been starting, running a bit, and shutting it off so I just figured the battery was dead. Charged it up, and still cranked very slow. Jumped it with the pickup, still a slow, laborious crank.
Maybe my finger caused the belt to jump off a pulley.
That one's good, that's good, back pulley good.
Took the belt off the tensioner, moved it around on the front & back pulley. Front (engine drive) pulley good, back one (transmission input) a bit tight. Slid the belt around in the pulley with the high/neutral/low gearbox in neutral.
Tightness left, put everything back together, and it cranked over and fired right up!
Still not sure what was going on there, but it's good now!
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