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917H SnowThrower


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Thank you for all the good information concerning a snowthrower to fit the 917H.  I did not expect so much help!

Do you have any comments about 36" vs 42".  Any advantages etc?  (My original request was for 42" only.)

Are wheel weights available for the 917H?   I currently use chains only with a snow plow.

Are there lots of different part numbers I should use when searching for the thrower?  I see the following mentioned.   


1691521  36"

1691522  42"

1691157  Green Model?



Steve Franks

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Others will chime in about the blower, but regarding your query about wheel weights...

Any 12" weights will bolt on, mounting is pretty universal among different brands.

You can gain alot by "loading " the tires with windshield washer fluid. I think mine held near 6 gallons each.


Good luck, Dave

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My choice is to have a snowthrower wider than the tractor, i.e. a 42" blower on a 36" wide tractor. After making the first path, there is more room to back up.

In regards to wheel weights, they sell around $2 per pound. I do not like the plastic filled weights because they stick out past the tires and are susceptible to be damaged. I prefer the cast iron weights which fit inside the wheel. Wheel weights currently sell around $2 per pound.

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Personally, I would run with the 42 on a 917 (assuming it's still a 17 HP tractor).  Blowing probably takes more horsepower than most other tractor chores and the 17 will be sufficient to handle the 42.  As stated above, the 36 is a bit narrow in my opinion as it is just a hair wider than the tractor stance. 

Cleated chains work great on ice this is true, but as far as weights and chains, I have found chains to quickly mar an asphalt or concrete driveway when they spin.  In some cases, no big deal.  In others when someone has sealed their asphalt and the driveway is "clean" you can do a lot of cosmetic damage, quickly.  (and the chains love to spin on a sealed asphalt drive).   I went to a set of ag tires, loaded ( also as stated above, about 6 gallons in a 23-10.50-12 tire, at about 8# per gallon), with one set of cast weights and it has worked very well for me. 

Just my 2 cents.  That and about 3 more bux can get you a cup of coffee nowadays (that's why I brew at home).

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I used used 36" last winter. First time ever for a snow blower for me. Let me say it's a real struggle on a hill. It's pretty much blow down and turn around in the street and blow back up a ¼ path . Once the first pass is done and back up every pass requires a turn around to get back up the hill but first pass is awful do to how skinny the 36" was. Besides that an absolute beast. I did none of the fancy prep everyone talks about for my chute to not plug and it's got some heavy surface rust. Snow was about 9-14"  very wet , and very heavy. As long as I went fast enough it didn't plug at all on the deep stuff. Couple times on the road slush when it got to little . When it did I simply rammed it into a snow bank and it would blow out.  Once when I cleaned actual road off after I think it plugged solid with slush. That I had to dig out by hand. Best advice is to go as fast as you can with a blower till you hear engine grunt just a little . Then back out a smidge. If that 917 is anything like my 21hp Vanguard it'll destroy all in its path.

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