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FDT 2-Pc Clutch Pulley


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I mentioned before I was having an issue where my FDT's would run away/accelerating while going down hill with the engine is idling. The root cause of the issue is the newer style 2-piece BGB clutch pulley which was used starting with the Landlord 9 and later models. While going down hill, the transmission drives the belt, loosing belt tension, causing the 2-piece BGB pulley to open up, allowing the drive belt to slip. Due to belt slip, the engine is unable to prevent the tractor from accelerating down hill.

I replaced the 2-piece BGB clutch pulley with the earlier 1-piece pulley used on the 700 & 725, and the run away condition has been eliminated. There is no more belt slippage, thus preventing the run away condition and the engine prevents the tractor from accelerating down hill.

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