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How to survive a tractor is junk argument!


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When she complains about your addiction with old tractors , old cars, and old tools!!!! You need to throw them out and get new! It's a setup guys don't fall for it!!!!!

My usual response.  I like old equipment it works and I can fix it if it breaks.

Wrong answers!!!!!!!!

1. Your old I keep you around!

2. Our marriage is broke I haven't thrown that out. 

3. Well if I go buy new cars, new tractors and all new toys... I just might see how nice upgrading is and take the neighbor up on her upgrade offer. 

4. Well I start buying new stuff I might decide to get a new dishwasher while I'm at it! 

5. Well I havemt seen the kitty do anything in years but I keep feeding it. (Saying you where talking about the Tom cat will not work!!)


Any questions ask this ex-husband!  Lol

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On ‎9‎/‎18‎/‎2021 at 11:19 AM, hurleyii said:

I might decide to get a new dishwasher while I'm at it! 

Blonde, brunette or read-head? 

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I don't get much about the old tractors, cars, tools, outboards, etc. I do get ragged on about the old pipe, angle, sheet metal, and tons of other odds and ends that are essential to keeping all the old stuff going and to build new attachments and other stuff I am too cheep ( err umm thrifty) to buy.

Every time I use something from the pile I make a point of telling her just how much I have saved by keeping all this stuff around for decades.

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