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Late broadmoor model ?


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Trying to help BIL with Broadmoor-16HP kohler single- hydro- believed 1998-2004? Specifically notice a rectangle reverse rubber pad/pedal sticking up through floor board. Many pix on internet do not show 169XXXX? though 98-04 was shown with similar reverse pedal style.

Tractor is 120 miles away so have no actual pix to share. trying to find 169# model & IPL or similar.

Much newer than anything I own.



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From the 2005 Simplicity Engine Reference Manual:



From 1999 Table:


From 2000 Table:


From 2001 Table:


From 2002 Table:


From 2003 Table:


From 2004 Table:


If you get the engine model number and type code, you might be able to identify the tractor MFG#. 

PS - The Engine Info Manual is available for download:




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Cant help you with a model number, but I do currently have in my collection a Massey painted version of those Broadmoors. It originally had a intek twin in it. That blew up and I had a 16hp kohler powered Broadmoor version  of same tractor that I robbed the engine out of to repower this one. Just repowered again last month with a 18 hp Kohler single from a MTD Yard man.....

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I have done similar. When the engine is in a similar family, it becomes not to difficult to swap. My example was the 616 0r 717 broadmoor with the original B&S 6-8hp family could take the slightly bigger & taller B&S 12 HP. It has the same bolt pattern for the chassis. However In the 727 or 728 the steering shaft scuttle in these chassis had to be modified to make the taller engine fit.

All in all much easier than the engine swap than:   Repowering my small-frame  By dhoadley, October 12, 2020 in Talking Tractors.

For me definitely worth the $100 for the used, very low hour, electric start 12HP. All it needed was a low profile air cleaner.

Thanks for the forum- learning more about the great resources here.


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In these early foot control Broadmoors the only problem areas  regarding engine swaps are in needing a fuel pump and having the correct muffler & exhaust pipe for the engine. More so the pipe  as the muffler slides onto the pipe end.

Exhaust & muffler about need to come from another similar tractor with the engine you are swapping into it. ...unless one has the piping and welding equipment to do the extensive fabricating.

The fuel pump is not so much a complicated issue. OEM Briggs engine setups use the vacuum type pumps. These OEM Kohler singles used in these tractors generally have a mechanical pump on the engine. If the potential replacement engine does not have a fuel pump(like the more recent 18hp version I used)you can just install a L&G low pressure electric fuel pump. I used a spare off a junk Legacy I had on the shelf.

Another interesting note is that if you check the internal specs on these Kohler single cylinder commands,  I believe you will find that the 9hp all the way through the 18hp are all the same internal specs. Same engines....only differences are in the Carbs and the carb settings. I once used a 9hp from a Deere stx38 to replace a 16hp. I just swapped the carbs. The 9 with the 16 carb ran the same as the original 16 pulling a hydro tranny and a 48" mower deck.

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