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Model L Walk Behind


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Hi Folks!

Finally getting around to a new rebuild project. I have a Model #L Simplicity Walk Behind with an #N Series Briggs & Stratton engine. Finding parts for the Briggs is no issue but I don't see a lot showing online as far as parts for the Model L Tractor. Looking for any suggestion for a good online source for parts available for this old 1950 tractor.


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Welcome to the club. Questions like this usually get a better response in the "Talking Tractors" forum. I also have several Simplicity walk behinds and I find getting parts usually involves buying a parts tractor from Marketplace or Ebay. No one sells off the shelf parts for these tractors anymore.

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I have an M1. I took the transmission apart to reveal a leather seal on the shaft, or, what was left of a leather seal. As the song says, "I searched the world over and thought I'd find..."

I finally found some neoprene washers that I had to ream a bit on the ID, that fit the OD, and made my seals with them. You will luck up on any parts, or find something close, and go to work, making it work. I have a habit of restoring mechanically, leave the patina unless rust is that patina, then only paint the worst parts. My M1 is looking for a new home. It still has the original Model 9 Briggs.

You might try Brenda at Sandy Lake Implement. She sent me a parts catalog cut that finally gave me the correct belt length, and showed orientation of the pulleys on the engine and transmission. Best I can say is good luck and have fun searching! you will get there!!

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