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Legacy added to the fleet


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So, after about 8 months of casual looking, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a 2003 Legacy 25.  I've had a 1992 Sunstar for 3.5 years and wanted to add something a little newer without sacrificing capabilities (ie not just looking to mow).  As always, reaching out to the group was a big help in my decision and I'll reference this post here for anyone else considering a Legacy.  Prior to my purchase it was difficult to find a Legacy within 150 miles that wasn't either being sold by a dealer (for big bucks) or gone before I could even get a response from the seller with details.  This one popped up as I was considering looking at other brands :o and I got lucky.  The seller had owned it for 3 years and bought it from the original owner, who also had a repair shop.  He understood the love of the machine and was good enough to hold it for me until I could take a look at it.  Another post that I found helpful was this thread here when looking it over and making sure there were no major issues.

So this is "Prince"


One of the things I love compared to the Sunstar is the ease of installing/removing the deck!!  For my Sunstar with the 60" deck I have to jack the front up to easily get the deck under.  The rotating wheels on the Legacy deck made it a breeze to slide right under!  And the way the chains attach to the Legacy is easier than the Sunstar.  The electric cutting height adjustment is another nice touch.


The engine had a little over 900 hours which did not seem bad compared to others I saw at well over 1000.  I do think it spent a lot of time outside, so there is some mild surface rust in places but nothing terrible.  The deck was actually in better than expected shape as well.  After a nice washing everything looked much better!  It took me a minute to get used to using foot controls vs hand controls like the Sunstar.  Ultimately I think I will like the foot controls better, especially for things like plowing or operating any implements.  The Legacy is also a much more comfortable ride with a bigger feel to it.  It took me a minute to quit reaching for something when trying to slow down or reverse sm01

So now Prince comes home to join "Princess"


And with the good deal I got on the Legacy, I am hoping to use some of the extra money budgeted to get a rear sleeve or three point hitch for the Legacy or perhaps the Sunstar.  Would like to add a back blade and perhaps other implements someday.  And I will also have time to work on the last of the tractors....


...which was previously unnamed, but I thought "Pauper" was fitting given the names of the other two!!  It is a 96 or 97 Sunstar with 20hp command engine (the other Sunstar has a 20hp magnum).  It was mostly a fully assembled tractor before I salvaged a couple of minor parts and disassembled to clean it up and better assess it.  It was rumored to run when put into storage.  It appears to be in good shape all things considered so hopeful one day I can fire it up!  It was a "free" parts tractor included with my other Sunstar.


Hope you enjoyed my "Show and Tell".  Would love to hear your Sunstar or Legacy stories, or tricks/advice, or favorite sources for implements and other parts!!


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Very nice, I've owned two Legacy's both with loaders and one Sunstar with a 60' Legacy deck

My AGCO 2025 with loader and forks


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That’s a nice looking king and queen to be.  Plus it looks like you have a good looking place there.  

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