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 i am about to order a mega fire ignition for my 9hp landlord. it has the 23D briggs motor. while i'm into this, i need to replace the coil. the bad coil is why i put a battery ignition on the machine, which won't work with the mega fire.

    so far, i haven't been able to find a parts diagram that will give me a part number for the coil/magneto. no luck with stens, jack's, or briggs.

   can someone point me to a parts diagram with part numbers for either the B&S model 23D or model 243431 motors?


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PhanDad, thanks for the link. think this qualifies as a senior moment; looked about the net, fumbled thru my manuals, found nothing useful but never thought of going into the club files.. had thought the 23D and 243xx were the same except for cosmetic differences but they have different part numbers for the coil (armature), i believe that when i got this 1964 Landlord in 2006 that it had no spark so i converted it to auto style ignition. i am going to put a Mega fire in it, which won't work with the external coil so i will put a new armature in it as well.

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