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Any of you guys ZTR Lovers


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So I bought another project this one is a Simplicity citation 21-48 I just love the suspension of these mowers. Left drive motor does not work. Checked all the obvious stuff that is visible under the seat. All looks good where should I start? Maybe test the pressures at each drive motor, Just tear into it? What you all think hope it is a common fix. Let me know mower has 400 hrs on it.
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ZTRs have their place in life and that is mowing lawn fast. The issue I have with ZTRs, is they are a single purpose machine and my work tractors do not lead a single purpose life.

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Mechanically the ZTR's dont have the stamina that the regular tractors do. I diod a bunch of research and talked to some guys that use them commercially around here before I bought a used  low hour one to try out years ago. 

 There are 2 basic types in the hydraulic/hydrostatic driven field. The more expensive ones that use independent  pumps and motors for the drive system, and then the cheaper homeowner types that used a separate hydrostatc transaxle system.  Neither has a relatively long life expectancy. I bought a commercial type to try. They usually last 600 or  so hours before you have to start replacing the pumps and motors. Each of those runs around $500 or more.   My assesment was, that while they save a lot of time, unless you run them commercially where you trade the machines out every so often and make a lot of money with them, they are not a good investment for the long term. Definately not something for the backyard repairman like many of us in here are. My opinion anyhow.

Seen alot of them at the consignment auctions  with 500+ hours on them that have problems.

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