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Lincoln weldanpower 150


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I know, I know its not simplicity or Allis but its old, its crusty and it was free from the scrap. I got a Lincoln weldanpower 150 with a k241p.It was scrapped due to having a broken carb flange. I plan to work on it this week ill keep you posted. If you fellers out there got one of these let me know how you like it and if it welds good 


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I've used one regularly for 35+yrs. The engine has to be in tip top shape to weld @ 150 amps. Other than that, who can argue with 100% duty cycle. I have two like this and one newer. The newer one isn't as good. I have a 13 hp Honda that I would like to some day try to mate up with one of mine for better fuel consumption and trouble free 150 amp operation.


These are great welders if you are just doing AC. They don't make them like they used to.

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If it doesn't weld, the first thing to check is the brushes. I clean mine with a file with the engine running. Not the safest way, but it's quick.

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My $50 school auction purchase. No one else bid on it. Only problem was the kill switch didn't work. Thing is a welding machine. Granted AC-only, but made me good money on this job welding a bunch of tabs to hold the structure down to plates in the concrete. Was fun.



I wanted to use the same welding cables that I already have for the 250A machine in the shop, so bought the lugs to do so which ended up being slightly too big. Perfect job for a metal lathe...made up a couple spacers and we're good to go.



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