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What big tires you have!


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I recently acquired a Sunstar for parts. The tires on this thing are huge! 26 X 12.00 - 12.

I am up to 4 Sunstars in the fleet (including this one). I would love to put these tires on one of the running machines. However, I have a small yard where a 60" wide cut just doesn't fit. So I don't use a Sunstar to cut grass.

I have 2 snowthrower attachments, but I really don't think wide tires would be a good option for moving snow.

So I currently have no use for these tires, but they really look cool!




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I put tires from my sovereign onto my 712 landlord. The tires from the sovereign were about two inches wider than the tires on the landlord.  I used the landlord for snow plowing. I never had any issues with moving snow. I cleared or widened a half mile private road  and never got it stuck.  

i never noticed any difference with traction or lack of when I went to the larger tires on the landlord. 


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Looking @ the pics reminds me why I stress to people that they aren't going to operate a riding lawnmower. These are powerful heavy units, and if you hit something, it won't just bounce off.

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