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Allis Chalmers 1-Row planter for a Garden Tractor?

B-1 Bryan

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Has anyone ever seen one of these planters before? This was in a package of Allis Chalmers B-series tractors and attachments that I purchased today. It has the hookups to attach to a B-series or similar, but it is orange instead of yellow and I’ve never seen a planter attachment in any of the Allis Chalmers literature I own or have viewed. There are remnants of an AC logo on the seed box. Looking for any information I can find on this. 


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   years back i made a Cole model 19 planter fit my Landlord. was so damn heavy i had no steering. and was as long as the tractor.

   i believe Simplicity had a Planet Jr planter that mounted on the foot draggers. i have heard that it could be either a No 4 or a No 300 or maybe the 300A. i have seen pictures of them

   ok, go into the Research section, Simplicity, 2012, B Series Attachments, Other Attachments, Planet Jr Seeder

   whatever you have pictured is not, i think, a planet jr.  i think simplicity used whatever was available at the time or might have changed brands while they were dealing with the Feds regarding the monopoly lawsuits.

   i have seen seeders at the Florida Flywheeler's Show that were set up for garden tractors once or twice.  missed on a nice one, had to find herself to get cash ($100) and it was gone when i got back (about 30 minutes). one show a guy had 4 incomplete and bent up units for $150 each (later saw him loading them into his truck at the end of the show)

   i picked up a PJ No 4 and a PJ 300 with the idea of making the mounts but both units were in too good a shape to cut up so i restored the No 4 and use it in my veggie patch.

   btw; if you post the pic to the Planet Jr facebook page, there is bound to be someone who can identify the manufacturer of the planter

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Thank you! So was there a conversion kit available to make it fit a B-series? This hitch setup really looks factory made. 

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23 hours ago, B-1 Bryan said:

Thank you! So was there a conversion kit available to make it fit a B-series? This hitch setup really looks factory made. 

The walk behind tractors had a single row planter available under Simplicity brand, but these were made by Danville.  I have one here and have seen a few.  The row marker is ALWAYS missing, and typically worth more than the value of the planter itself.  These fit the Simplicity/AC style sleeve hitch and work well behind a tractor.  They are pretty scarce, but don't seem to fetch near the attention of the more common Brinly planters.  I listed mine for sale for $75 in various places for over a year before finding anyone interested.  Even after it sold, it has been sitting here for the last 8 months.  I auctioned a decent Brinly planter without marker, and it fetched nearly $500 on day 1.


Open photo

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