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Kohler K301S - no spark

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An easy test of ignition is to run a wire from positive side of battery to plus side of coil and see if it runs. If it does, then the problem is in the switch or wiring. If it doesn't then the problem is coil, points, or condenser, or plug. Rod H.

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Question regarding no spark on a 7112 with a Kohler K301S. Here's the story: Son is mowing last night...I stop to talk w/him for a minute or so...tractor running fine. He reengages pto, pushes hydro handle to move forward and engine dies. Turn ignition key - nothing - as if battery is dead. Bypass ignition switch by jumping directly to starter - engine cranks but no spark. Doesn't matter if key is on or off - no spark. PTO is disengaged, likewise hydro handle. Still no spark. Engine will only crank when jumped directly from bat. to starter and even then still no spark Also no headlights and amp meter doesn't move when ignition key is turned. I haven't had a chance to check coil, points, condensor, interlocks, etc. Any suggestions on where to begin? Thanks for any assistance in advance. Steve K.

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First place i would start based on you description would be the ignition switch it controls all of the electrical system. First be sure you have 12 volts to the switch. It controls power to the headlights,Ignition power and power to your starter. Current for the amp meter also goes though the switch. Then i would check for an open condition in the safety switches and wiring which i dought as they have nothing to do with lights or amp meter. This & $1.00 might get you a small coffee. Maynard aka/UCD

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