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Exhaust options for Simplicity Tractor 3314H

Texas Rich

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Hi folks,

Need some ideas about making my Model 990655 Sovereign 3314H 14 HP from 1970 quieter. I suspect the internals of the existing muffler have rotted away, it's incredibly loud.

At the moment I'm not restoring this, but it seems wrong to cut into the hood so I can either find a replacement (about 4" diameter by about 8" with inlet/outlet ports on same end) or fashion something new, probably vertical that extends to the carb side of the front.

Things I'm wondering about

- should I be thinking about cutting the existing muffler in half (top/bottom) and doing some kind of DIY internals?  I assume that's a dumb idea but I'll include it here
- I've searched but not found any new exact replacement, I assume one is probably not available?
- I don't have welding skills (yet) but especially for a mounting bracket I assume it will be needed
- doing something vertical is fine, but of course I'll need a muffler, I assume hardware store 1"? black pipe and some kind of rain cover?
- any other notions?

I searched the forum and found this thread that has some ideas but figured I'd start a new thread. 








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I rebuilt a muffler on a 78 Ford LGT in the same orientation as that a couple years ago. Talk to someone in a local to you muffler shop for ideas. Mine came up with a small muffler for ?? We removed the brackets from the original, welded them on the new, then I simply bolted it on. It ain't the quietest on the block, but it a lot quieter than the Ariens with a similar to the original Ford muffler. My other option was to rebuild the original with homemade innards

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On 12/13/2021 at 11:30 AM, Texas Rich said:

Did you keep the muffler inside, or extend it outside?

The guy at the muffler shop had a muffler or part of one...the new muffler is in a slightly bigger diameter housing. It is housed inside the sheet metal as before, just runs a bit(lot) quieter

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I have a new thought, I got curious about what the internals look like and interestingly after sticking a small flashlight into the exhaust port I can visualize most of what's going on. 

The attached picture shows the detail. 

All of the metal has only surface rust, so I'm thinking that maybe this muffler had some sort of packing material (steel wool or fiberglass) that's rotted away. 

Anyone know if that's common in this kind of muffler?  If so, maybe I'll just cut it open, repack it and weld the cut part back on. 

I added the white lines to show the internal sections of the intake and exhaust ports.  When I stuck the light into the exhaust I could see reflected light (barely) through the shorter intake port. I can't know if there is any other kind of metal baffle inside, but given the construction it seems unlikely that there was a cheap baffle. 

The muffler is definitely louder than I remember so something is degraded.

muffler mockup.png

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I’m not a muffler expert by any stretch, that’s @maxwood - but I think the design principle of that muffler is the small perforations disperse the exhaust and with the different length of perforations and internal baffles cause canceling sound waves. I believe the ends of the pipes are capped.  Without the caps or baffles the muffler’s noisier. 

Here’s the link to Ken’s post:



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following up on this, I ended up putting the muffler back on and using it since I couldn't prove to myself it was in any way broken/defective.  I have a suspicion that it might be as loud as it was 40 years ago when I used it regularly as a teen, but back then I wasn't so concerned about loud noises.

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