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Simplicity Landlord DLX 50"


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Good Day,

I inherited a Simplicity Landlord DLX 50" 20hp from my father-in-law's estate.  I am wondering if anyone could help me with the year (I think the internet told me 1999-2001, but I am not sure)?  I am also looking for the snowblower attachment and hitch (hydro) part numbers?  Any help would be great!  Thanks!

Tim B.

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Using the tractor's MFG# to find the approximate year of your tractor; Simplicity often used a MFG# over several years.  Here's some 2000/1999 table info from the 2005 Simplicity Engine info manual:




Answering your snowblower question is more difficult, except for a dealer, I don't know where that info is available.  I once bought a snowblower for the blower head (MFG #1691521) and it had a "Broadmoor" hitch, so I downloaded the operators manual:


The above shows the hitch for a Landlord is MFG# 1692040.   But this earlier manual seems to indicate the MFG# 1692041 might also be for a Landlord (manual lift vs electric lift):


Here's a pic of the MFG# 1692041 Hitch:



Confusing -  For example, here's some pics from a Feb 2021 Craigslist ad listing a 42" snowblower for Simplicity DLX:



The hitch looks similar; a part by part comparison should show the differences.  (The snowblower head is MFG# 1691522)

@Chris727 has a Landlord DLX, maybe he can advise.  

Happy Hunting. 


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i have 1 999 dlx 44' cut mower. 1693381.  the hitch for tour model

shoud be a hydraulic one. #1692040 is my #. the blower unit is 

a 42 " if you want a single stage. #1691522. the 90's sovereign

tractors used this # and others might too. mine has a few upgrades- electric chute turner and adjustable chute deflector

using the later simplicity parts. hope this helps



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