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Weight of stinger weight?

B-1 Bryan

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You will have to search the archives, but I know I had at least one stinger and two collar weights. I'm sure I posted about them at one time or another. I do not recall the weight of either of them. Perhaps it's in the old advertising literature?

I do recall that the front wheel weights were 35# each, rears 50#, at least for the solid steel weights I had.

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FYI, the stinger weight primary purpose is to provide counterbalance weight for a front attachment, i.e. snowplow or snowblower, to make it easier to lift manually. Not so much as to add weight for traction. Wheel weights and tire chains purpose are to increase wheel traction.

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I run a rear weight (weights) on my snow blower tractor, solely for extra traction. Probably around an extra 100 pounds pretty easy. Works great. Far easier to get on and off than the wheel weights.

In the spring they get slipped on a corresponding bracket on the other end of the tractor to do "counter weight" duty for the roto tiller. But they're priceless for extra traction blowing snow in the winter, even though the tractor also wheel weights.

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